Project:             Alteration & addition to an existing residence

Location:           Coles Bay, Tasmania


Our client came to us with a simple tidy up exercise for their shack at Coles Bay so they could sell it.  After providing some concept sketches, they liked our ideas so much they then asked us to have a look at extending the shack to make it more suitable for their current needs.  We did as requested and they decided to renovate, extend and keep the shack.  The existing form of the building was completely transformed into a new contemporary design and undertook some simple but extensive aesthetical modifications.  The end result is an attractive functional building specifically designed for the needs of this client.  A large formal balcony overlooking Great Oyster Bay and back towards the Hazards completes the tranquil nature of site beside the sea.

coles bay house 03.jpg
coles bay house 05.jpg
coles bay house 04.jpg
coles bay house 01.jpg
coles bay house 02.jpg
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