Project:             New Residence

Location:           Launceston, Tasmania


Designed for a client wanting something different, having just purchased a fantastic block of land with spectacular views up the river and also back over Launceston, the design focused on basic principles of view and light.  With an extensive sized block, finalising the building site was not difficult, where do we get the best view that will not require extensive rock removal and/or excavation.  We chose a small plateau as it provided a reasonable level building pad, however we hung the living area of the house out off the front edge to make it float above its surrounding landscape.  A large curved wall dissects the living and master bedroom areas from the children's bedrooms and ancillary spaces.  The curve of the blade wall sets out the kitchen, living and main bedroom areas as they radiate around, capturing the wide angle of views from within.  These area then open up to a huge curved deck tying everything together.  A combination of light weight materials coupled with heavier feeling masonry elements provide a transition between the house that anchors to the plateau and the parts that float above

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