Project:             Refurbishment of an existing iconic building

Location:           St. Patrick's College, Launceston - Tasmania

Contractor:        Continental Builders


The St. Patricks College Chapel is an iconic building design from the 1950s and as one of the campuses original buildings, it forms a large part of the schools identity.  After a storm tore through Prospect in late 2007, a large number of existing roof tiles were ripped off the building causing substantial damage.  As the existing tiles were no longer available and what was left were at the end of their life, the decision was made to replace the entire roof with something new.  cmk was engaged by the college to undertake and research this refurbishment, also including some internal upgrade works.  This required careful consideration in order to select a material that was long-lasting but also fitting for the age and iconic nature of this building.  Our recommendation took precedence from traditional church roofs, choosing a standing seam copper roof as it is a long lasting material, able to tarnish quickly, weathering to a colour that would match the age and stature of this building.

chapel roof 01.jpg
chapel roof 04.jpg
chapel roof 02.jpg
chapel roof 03.jpg
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