Project:             New Senior Secondary Facility

Location:           St Patricks College, Launceston, Tasmania

Contractor:        Fairbrother - Launceston


The Edmund Rice Centre is the result of a two stage development that began construction (Continental Builders) in 2009 as a new two (2) storey Senior Science Facility.  The original single level building constructed as part of the original campus in the late 1950's was demolished and construction of a new more contemporary layout, boasting a smaller footprint enhancing the external social spaces around the building, with two (2) levels to maximise floor area and match the adjacent science building began in January 2013.  The new building is designed to be used primarily by senior secondary year groups, years 10, 11 & 12, with the intention to create a flexible open learning environment, allowing connectivity and interaction between the differing year groups and better interaction between student and teacher.


At approximately 2000m2, the building is split into two distinct zones, classrooms to the southern side allowing greater control over glare and temperature, and a large open circulation area along the north east eliminating the need for traditional corridors.  The use of internal glass operable walls, windows and atriums, creates a completely transparent environment allowing better interaction, supervision and communication. 

The upper level comprises six (6) individual class teaching spaces linked to each other by way of glazed acoustic operable walls and is specifically designed to open up into a single 450m2 space capable of seating a complete year group for exams.  Smaller configurations can be achieved by simply closing off classrooms providing a truly flexible space for the College.

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