Project:             New Trade Training Facility

Location:           St Patricks College, Launceston, Tasmania

Contractor:        VOS Constructions - Launceston


The Aquaculture Trade Training Centre is a unique facility with the initiative to help younger secondary students gain practical experience and receive a recognised certificate one (1) and certificate two (2) once they complete the courses on offer.  This provides students with valuable exposure to the Aquaculture industry should they decide to continue onto university, having already gained some educational value.


The complex has a footprint of just 530m2 with a Workshop, Storeroom, Classroom, Office and a 180m2 Aquaculture Room housing a mixture the fish tanks for different growth stages and diversity of species.  The fabric of this building was specifically designed with energy efficient building products to help maintain a consistent room and therefore water temperature throughout the year.  A key feature in this facility is a Aquaponics room, set up like a green house with translucent fibre glass walls and roof cladding, keeping a warm moderate temperature all year round.  Plants are grown in this room utilising nutrients (fish manure) from water circulated from the adjacent fish tanks.

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